Spring Yin with Ani!

Friday, Oct 21st, 6pm - 7.30pm

Join Ani for a nourishing yin immersion, focused on Spring and the wood element, which exemplifies the energy of change, growth, and taking action. 
Our energy originates from our thoughts and feelings, and is carried throughout our body via a web of connective tissue called fascia. When our energy in Spring is not in flow we experience emotions of anger and frustration.
This immersion will give you a deeper insight into the fascia maps throughout your body, help you remove stress and mundane feels, and inspire you to work on important things in your life - people, plans or projects.
Think breath work techniques, restorative movements, long holds, dropping into your parasympathetic nervous system while keeping a modern and lighthearted approach to the practice.
Free for Members or regular class cost
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