September 12 - 15 | Byron Bay

Join State of Salt and Bless for a transcendent three night and four day experience at Byron Bay's most luxurious stay, Damia (formally known as the The Range)...



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has inspired me!

"This won’t have been my last retreat. The organisation was flawless. You are a beautiful person, and so is Sjana. Everything you two did, seem to come from the heart. Byron was a fabulous location. Who doesn’t love Byron?! You attracted absolutely amazing people to this retreat. Not a day has passed where I have not thought of the stories these brave young woman have so openly shared. I am in awe of their courage and resilience. It has inspired me to paint again. Let’s hope I can keep it up. I have practiced a little bit of yoga every day since I left. It was an inspiring weekend, that I will never forget. Thank you!!!"

— Claudia Maher, independent artist

Fully Exceeded!

"I wasn't sure what to expect, except to be in a beautiful location for 4 days...
But State of Salt fully exceeded beyond what I thought was possible in that time frame.
I came away knowing I was touched by all the 5 senses - visual beauty, culinary delight ( the Chief's were amazing - in their seasonal selections ) The Yoga wasn't too hard for a beginner - yet still fulfilling in the magnificent dome, and background music to transport you to another time
I've come back to my regular life feeling very nurtured, calm and ready to take on the rest of 2021"

— Janelle, Owner of Interiors by Riveresque

cant wait to book another!

The yoga classes were inclusive for all levels, the food was purposeful and educational and really added an additional element to the retreat. The taro reading, the sound healing, the massage, the honest conversations and genuine connections with strangers was so uplifting and made me feel so connected to myself but also to the group. I can't wait to book another one.

Thank you Claudia and State of Salt for creating such a welcoming and beautiful space to experience my first retreat.

— Kate, Owner of FluidForm Byron Bay and Ascot

Five Star!

"Claudia is the most beautiful yoga teacher and host—I absolutely loved my time on the retreat. The accommodation was stunning and comfortable, the yoga was informative and healing, and the food was five star restaurant worthy! A beautiful retreat, worth every $!"

— Danielle, Executive editor at Gritty Pretty Magazine