5 Best Cafes in Byron Bay

5 Best Cafes in Byron Bay
Nothing screams State of Salt more than an 8am Slow Flow class followed by a mushroom late afterwards. (yes we are talking about the mush luv at High Life Cafe) State of Salt is all about the community, we love to flow it out and travel together with laptop in hand to the closest adaptogenic supplying cafe in true Byron fashion. Do not fret, we have provided you with 5 of the best cafes in Byron Bay.
See our fave go-to's below:

1. High Life Cafe

Number 1 on the list for a reason. Head here at 8am after a State of Salt Yoga class, bring your laptop if you want to do some work, or you'll always run into someone else from class if you just want to chill out. Order the Mush Luv for a hot choccy vibe or the Malt Milk if you want to step outside your comfort zone and try colostrum. Both very delish.

2. Roadhouse

On a perfect spring day, you can sit outside and sip away on a lions mane latte. Stay a bit longer and order a margarita... 

3. General Store

An iconic stop off and the OG for Acai bowls. Its an absolute must if you haven't.

4. Fel's Kitchen 

A hidden gem. Fel is a Nutritionist, offering a selection of healthy salads daily, breakfast and lunch menus, healthy sweet treats, raw chocolates, brownies, cold press juice, smoothies and great coffee.

5. Bay Grocer

As their website says "THINGS YOU NEED. THINGS YOU WANT. EVERYDAY." Bay grocer is the perfect spot to go if you also need to pick up some organic groceries and a bunch of cute flowers. 
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