Coolest places to stay in Lisbon, Portugal

Coolest places to stay in Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Lisboa, Portugal!

A city known for its hilly suburbs, pleasant weather year round and friendly local’s.

Discover 3 of the coolest places to stay before joining us four our State of Salt X Logan Hollowell Yoga Retreat Oct 30, 2021.


Valverde Hotel 

Located in the centre of Avenida da Liberdade, in the noblest area of Lisbon, Valverde Hotel opened its doors in September 2014.

Reminiscent of London and New York Town Houses , Valverde Hotel has a classic and elegant language, punctuated by contemporary furniture, works of art, objects and antiques.

It is these pieces, the light, the comfort of the fabrics and materials used, and the treatment of the space as if it were a residence, which intend to distinguish this from all other hotels that may exist in the surroundings, creating a unique place, like a “Oasis of comfort and discreet luxury”.

The Valverde Hotel welcomes leisure and business guests, offering a space in a kind of enlarged house, with a deeply intimate atmosphere.


Casa do Barão

“Chiado” is one of the most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods in Lisbon. The cultural heritage of the neighbourhood, with its traditional cafes, bookstores, art galleries and shops, attracts many visitors since the beginning of 19th century. Nowadays, it is considered the best area to live and to get familiar with the city lifestyle.

The neighbou rhood that used to inspire the poet Fernando Pessoa was theatre of so many important moments of Portuguese culture and politics, such as the Carnation Revolution in 1974, and is now a meeting place for foreigners and locals.

Casa do Barão was born here, after the 1755 earthquake. You can experience some of the 19th century brilliance in each of the 12 rooms, the romantic style garden and social area. Here you can also taste the famous Portuguese hospitality. Those who visit say they like to stay with us. And we love it when they say that.


The Vintage Lisbon

Everything we do is a celebration of Lisbon – its architecture, its culture, its beauty. We aim for our guests to enjoy an original, authentic, and indigenous experience of this incredible city. When you stay with us, you will discover a piece of Lisbon to call your own. This is a place to become inspired. A place to relax. A place to play.

Every element has been created in collaboration with local artists, makers, and businesses. Clean, curved, modernist lines, and thoughtfully curated elements of Portuguese design appear throughout the entire hotel. Bespoke 1950s and 1960s furniture pieces showcase the mid-century lifestyle of luxury and glamour. Soothing yet uplifting colour palettes project elegance and joyfulness into the space.

As you relax in your room, discover your own unique vintage bar cart – with complimentary gin & tonic kit created by Portuguese cocktail expert Nino Lopes. Mix yourself a drink, and take it to the rooftop to enjoy alongside stunning views of Lisbon’s skyline.

Every detail of your experience has been carefully considered. From the graphic artworks created by local artists such as João Rei, to the pencils provided by family-owned Portuguese makers Viarco. The Vintage provides an authentic and elevated experience of Lisbon. We look forward to welcoming you.

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