What to pack for a weekend yoga retreat?

What to pack for a weekend yoga retreat?
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Our Byron Bay Yoga Retreat is just around the corner and we thought we would make your life a lot easier with this go-to packing list for any retreat. Our retreat is for 3 nights and 4 days. We've linked some of our favourite brands if you need something new otherwise anything in the cupboard should work fine!
You are going to need 3 bags:
(Our retreat guests may or may not be receiving the perfect, beach-appropriate, 'State of Salt' tote bag when they arrive...)
  1. Handbag/Man Bag

  2. Main Bag

  3. Toiletries Bag

For your hand bag/man bag:
  • Sunglasses/normal glasses if you wear them

  • purse/wallet

  • phone, charger and headphones

  • water bottle

  • Book/kindle and charger.

For your main bag:
Yoga Gear:
Casual Clothes:
  • face wash

  • moisturiser/serums - If you need an Aesop top-up click here

  • SPF

  • makeup if thats your jam!

  • toothbrush and paste

  • deodorant

  • Sanitary items - moon cup/tampons/pads

  • any personal medication

  • ear plugs if you're sharing a room with a snorer

Thats it, you're all packed! Be sure to check out our other retreats here if you haven't already!
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