State of Salt X Logan Hollowell

State of Salt X Logan Hollowell


State of Salt X Logan Hollowell
You are Magic, Yoga Retreat
Hosted by Marie Grujicic

State of Salt stayed at Cocoon Portugal for an intimate 8 days and 7 night retreat hosted by Marie Grujicic.

With two yoga shalas, a freshwater lake, and a circus of goats, sheep, + peacocks, the 275 acre property is a piece of magic on Portugal's untouched atlantic coast. Each attendee was gifted a beautiful Logan Hollowell heirloom using 14k recycled gold and sustainable white diamonds. Carefully curated to remind you to slow down and reignite what is truly important to you.



Cocoon Portugal is a 275 acre coastal farm + retreat, offering inspiration + community for the modern traveller. It's also pure magic, where between the oversized hammocks and the freshwater lake, you'll start to lose track of time. The kind of place where each morning is a celebration, practicing under the canopy of old growth pines, but so is each evening, with world class wine and fascinating dinner conversation. We're situated on the breathtaking Atlantic coast of Portugal, near the charming fishing village of Zambujeira do Mar, in the Alentejo region, which is known for its long stretches of untouched coastline and charming white-washed villages. From Lisbon, we’re about two hours drive south, entirely dependent on how many espressos you’ve had. (from Faro, we’re slightly closer) The ocean, with bluffs, trails, and sandy coves, is a 10-15 minute drive away.The 11 bedroom, 10 bathroom property can host up to 24 guests.  



Marie was Born and raised in France but moved to the United States to perform at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the last 10 years. It was in Las Vegas where Marie earned the opportunity to dance and perform for Cirque Du Soleil. Now she is a Creative Consultant for Cirque du Soleil, and most recently was the creative associate to the director for the show “One Night for One Drop” which raised 6.5 million dollars for sub-saharan countries facing critical water issues.After many years on stage and the turmoil of the entertainment industry Marie found yoga for her body but also her mind. Now an E-RYT 500 instructor, Marie has led many international yoga retreats and trainings.It's her calling to share what she has learned from the practice to guide her students toward their own yoga bliss. Marie isn’t just empowering you to move your body beyond set limitations, she’s teaching you to cultivate your spirit. To see yourself as you are, without judgment, and to help that person thrive.



Logan Hollowell Jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles using 14k and 18k recycled gold, ethically sourced gemstones from around the world. Each piece is created by artisan goldsmiths with handpicked gemstones based on the intuition and feeling that Logan receives from the stone and its beauty.

Logan Hollowell designs collections that encompass ancient wisdom, magic and inspiration from the universe, always visualizing the spiritual impact and healing effect that a piece will have on its wearer. Her creations are much more than meets the eye, dusted with Magic before they become instant heirlooms.

Our mission is to create heirlooms that last forever. The idea is to invest in the best possible, because you’re worth it. We encourage women to set the bar high because it sets the stage for how you deserve to be treated.

Our philosophy is that with patience when receiving something that has been created in such a way, a sort of respect in the process is deserved. We have discovered that there is a sweetness and Magic in life that is never to be rushed or handled with aggression.

Handmade gemstones for the modern goddess, because you are Magic.


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