I have an injury, can I still come ?
It depends on the injury and your level of body awareness. The answer is usually yes, Jessie the head teacher is comfortable working with students that have injuries. Please email first if you are still unsure.

I've never done yoga before, I'm intimidated and scared that I'll stand out as the 'worst' in the room.
When you first begin any aspect of yoga it's very normal to feel confused and lost. There are no true short cuts, everyone starts as a 'beginner'. The time it takes to shift past the initial beginner stage of the practice depends on the individual. I've taught a lot of students and of them all, I'm the slowest learner I've ever witnessed. Go to class, small progress leads to big progress. 

I don't want to teach, I want to learn more as a student. Does your training suit me and how in-depth is it?
Yes, absolutely.  The YTT program covers all areas, it is a collaboration of Jessie Fenech (head teacher) and State of Salt founder, Claudia Wareham. Each with a direct and mesmerising ability to educate and foster. It's as in-depth as you're ready for, meaning that the training is multilevel and layered. The training is structured to suit both those aspiring to teach and those looking to learn and progress.

Are there any requirements to take the training? How much experience do I need?
You must be at least 16 years old. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, it is required that you have written consent from your legal guardian. All that you need is an open mind, an interest in self development and a love for yoga.

What size is the group?
The group is roughly 20 students, depending on group dynamic.

Is food provided?
All breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided. We recommend getting some snacks to keep your mind focused all day. There is a kitchen for you to store food and drink. 

Is the training Yoga Alliance certified?

Claudia and Jessie decided not to register the training with yoga alliance. Yoga alliance is not a governing body and most studios/instructors/schools will not ask you to register with Yoga Alliance. We are more concerned about the quality of teaching you will receive and prepping you as a teacher.